Welcome to Diesel Bar, the energy that’s responsible for the light peering through the rustic cracks of the heritage 1920’s building.
It has been whispered that this landmark was once surrounded by brothels and opium dens. In the seedy days of Little Lonsdale Street, dark and forbidden, building no.202 looked quite the same. By law the face of this historical element is not allowed to be altered.
Nowadays no.202 hosts a classier crowd which enters through the maintaining face of debauchery. 

Step through the 1920’s and into Diesel Bar, where the insides have evolved dramatically bringing you the moodiest, contemporary bar in the CBD. 

Melbourne is for ever on the go and that’s how the menu has been inspired, from a share plate to something a little more if you need it, we are more an eatery, bar then restaurant a place to meet, instead of a place to wait.